The Cherry Capital Men’s Chorus is open to all men in the community. No previous experience or vocal training is required — just a desire to sing and share your talents with our community!

In order to become a member of the chorus we do ask that you attend a minimum of three rehearsals to see if what we offer is a good fit for you.

During your first visit our Musical Director will likely have a brief conversation with you to find out about you and your musical experience. In barbershop singing, the music is written with four different voice parts each having different vocal ranges. The Musical Director may ask you to sing through your vocal range to determine which vocal part would likely best suit you. Once determined, you will be asked to sing the recommended voice part next to others of the same voice part for your first three or more rehearsals to determine if singing with the chorus is something you want to continue with.

If by the end of your third rehearsal you know that singing with the group is something you want to do then by all means we would love to have you join us and become a member!

Do you have any additional questions regarding joining the chorus?

Email or contact by phone at 231-409-2310.